Labor Cost Management (LCM)
MetriTech's Labor Cost Management solution, LABOR COMMAND, is a best-of-breed LCM system that can reduce labor costs by measuring labor performance against pre-defined standards.

LABOR COMMAND can help you reduce labor costs. With unmatched ability to provide shift-by-shift, department-by-department, and location-by-location planning and analysis, LABOR COMMAND is the only labor cost management tool that gives you so much control with so little effort.

LABOR COMMAND Standards Input Screen


LABOR COMMAND is a web based application built to run alongside the Prophix Corporate Performance Management (CPM) system and can be integrated with most timekeeping and payroll systems. Integrating LABOR COMMAND and Prophix with your current payroll system provides you with a comprehensive labor management and planning solution.

Plan, measure and view labor costs within your organization using LABOR COMMAND.

LABOR COMMAND enables management to forecast the cost and man-hours required to perform estimated work down to the day, shift, and job level. It works by storing the established standards for each and every key task performed within an operation in a database. Actual man-hours and cost can then be compared to the standards that have been established for that task. With this information, management can monitor operational performance and costs daily.

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Benefits of MetriTech's LCM solution:

  • Reduce labor costs and increase efficiency
  • Provide operational visibility across all layers of management
  • Leverage strong management tools and metrics to create productivity, efficiency and cost reports
  • Involve front line employees in the development of processes and standards
  • Measure actual productivity and cost against expected performance
  • Calculate estimated labor costs
  • Forecast staffing requirements and costs
  • Simulate the changes to current labor operations
LABOR COMMAND vs. Other Tools

Our labor management experience indicates that many companies continue to rely on spreadsheets to plan and control labor costs — often their single largest operating expense. The spreadsheet, however, is a limited tool when managing these costs.

Spreadsheet limitations include:

  • Cumbersome to retrieve data
  • Limited access and visibility of data among management personnel
  • Little to no data validation
  • Minimal protection against data corruption
  • Duplication of data over multiple spreadsheets
  • Non-productive time spent fixing formatting while changing the data

Some companies have considered traditional database systems as an alternative to spreadsheets but found implementation too difficult and costly to adapt to their industry. While analyzing the gap between existing technologies and the needs of many companies, MetriTech identified these distinct problems:

Problems with existing systems:

  • Lack of management access to labor cost details on a timely basis
  • Lack of data comparability among locations
  • Insufficient analysis of forecasted vs. actual cost variances
  • Additional staffing requirements needed to prepare reports
  • Operations cost estimates not comparable to company financial statements

MetriTech saw the potential for a Labor Cost Management (LCM) system to eliminate these problems and, after much research, developed LABOR COMMAND a web-based application that is easy and inexpensive to implement in any labor intensive industry.