Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
MetriTech is proud to provide sales and implementation support for Prophix, an integrated performance management application offering budgeting, planning, forecast, reporting, consolidations, and personnel planning capabilities. Prophix enables organizations to create measureable targets against their business strategies ensuring that corporate objectives are met.


Create more accurate budgets, with less effort, while gaining a deeper understanding of what really drives your profitability. Budget top-down, bottom-up or a combination. Save each iteration. Easily analyze and review previous iterations. Click to add notes, comments and itemized support. Protect scenarios while exploring other options. Automatically compare budgets to actual results.


Build your strategy using the intuitive, graphical tools. Create revenue, capital asset, personnel and expense plans. Communicate objectives, and incorporate high-level assumptions into your budget, automatically. Measure, analyze and validate your strategic plans against results. Prophix integrates with your other systems, allowing you to quickly and easily drill down to analyze variances.


Prophix's powerful executive dashboards and scorecards graphically show each authorized team member the precise information they need to understand your organization's true financial health. See where you've been, and analyze what you need to do differently to get to where you want to go. Identify issues, investigate outliers and create action plans to meet company objectives.


Empower your team, and help them make better decisions, by giving authorized users accurate, up-to-date data in its most convenient form. Prophix is packed with numerous useful standard reports: both financial and cross functional. Quickly create custom reports, and export to multiple formats including Excel, PDF and XBRL, without IT support. Quickly view supporting details.


Prophix crunches numbers and gives you the tools you need to drive your business: automatic variance breakdown, graphical trend analysis and complete data cross-examination. Drag and drop financial and nonfinancial measures without risking data integrity and security: a task that is nearly impossible in most other systems. Combine high-level, big picture analysis with detailed functional group analysis.


Prophix enables streamlined, transparent and collaborative consolidations. Multiple levels and sub levels are supported. Data is continuously validated and cross checked. Period-end, average, and historical foreign exchange rates are imported automatically. Create, schedule, design and run business rules in the point-and-click interface. Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, GAAP and IFRS. Track and analyze aggregate data. Add new reporting hierarchies, entities, currencies, line items, journal entries, recurring adjustments or consolidation processes without IT support.

Prophix — Company Overview

Prophix is a leading developer of innovative performance management solutions designed to automate financial and operational processes for customers, making their companies more profitable and reducing their risks. Thousands of finance leaders in nearly one hundred countries use Prophix to empower their organizations and gain valuable insight into business performance. Prophix and its partners deliver superior value by combining high-end functionality with low cost-of ownership and fast implementations. With powerful and adaptable solutions built entirely on the Microsoft SQL Server stack, Prophix streamlines budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidation, and more.

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Prophix 10 — Product Overview

  • Business analysis engine
  • High functionality with a low cost of ownership
  • Adapts to dynamic organizations with minimal reliance on IT resources
  • Fast implementation
  • Aligns strategic objectives with tactical plans
  • Provides daily monitoring as well as financial and variance reporting